We Serve Nature

The Conservation Services are the world's first international civilian enforcement services that combat shortcomings in environmental enforcement by strengthening the implementation of existing environmental laws. In doing so the services secure the enduring legacy of the environmental movement and all its achievements for our planet.

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Citizen Inspector Network

As an international civilian monitoring system, the Citizen Inspector Network trains and deploys volunteers as civilian fishing inspectors in fishing ports, markets and coastal areas. The network increases monitoring capacity in fishing areas rapidly and cost-effectively. It can identify trends in criminal activities quickly and is able to readily direct official fishing inspectors.

Wildlife Air Service

As the first international civilian air service for conservation, the Wildlife Air Service carries out surveillance flights to collect evidence of wildlife crime. Working closely with partners in the civil aviation community, the Wildlife Air Service enables pilots to redirect their flights, aiding conservation efforts with aerial observation in the process.

Sea Ranger Service

The Sea Ranger Service is the world's first professional maritime ranger service. Working to protect life at sea, civilian enforcement and lifeguard officers known as Sea Rangers will soon be setting sail tasked with essential enforcement and lifeguard operations on the world's oceans.


Bringing cost-effective solutions to the table in the effort to end illegal fishing, a new project named SeaScope has been devised to develop localised and readily scalable technology that can assist in tracking vessel activity at sea.

Fisheries Forensics

Fisheries Forensics is a revolutionary science programme that brings together experts in the fields of pathology, toxicology and DNA analysis to develop innovative methods that can strengthen the use of forensic evidence in prosecutions of illegal fishing.

Signals Office

The Conservation Services are increasing the amount of Citizen Inspectors, forensic scientists, aircraft, boats and ships active in the field, yet these can only be deployed successfully if their operation is centrally directed, ensuring a strategic and intelligence-led approach. For this purpose the Signals Office has been initiated.


The Conservation Services are established as global civilian enforcement services. They draw upon existing resources to realise monitoring and intelligence gathering to support environmental enforcement. The priority is on developing innovative ways to increase monitoring capacity over the world's oceans, national parks and forests.

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